Alden of New England

Let’s see how much of the Trad&Prep Encyclopedia you’ve mastered with a Pop Quiz. Question: Who is the DEFINITIVE American

Spring & Summer

Calling on me like a young OG. I’m a classic man. Selected outfits from late Spring to early August ’15.

Filson Bags

My Filson Small Duffel with “Guaranteed Warranty” Registry Tags In preparation for last October’s weekend excursion, I bought my first

Joys of Hunting, Part II

First posted a few years ago, this updated editorial celebrates our continuous sartorial Hunt of Patience & Virtue, in the

All in the Name: Glossary

As I have stumbled upon developing my own Tolkien-esque epic universe with this blog, which started with a big bang four

Vintage Campus USA

Jeebus. Impossibly Cool, eh? These strapping young gentlemen pictured above represent our forefathers who paved the way to our present

Spring & Summer Wardrobe

Official party anthem of Summer I apologize for the absence of updated porn stash pics (…completely disregarded Winter ’13…), so

Swim Trunks

I had received a few messages from you guys asking for swimwear ideas for the upcoming summer season. Unfortunately, I