Filson Bags

In preparation for last October’s weekend excursion, I bought my first (and probably my last) “Weekender” – a dressed down bag meant for elective quick turnarounds or as a carry-on for exotic outbounds. Something sturdy that can be easily thrown in the trunk of a Harvard Boy‘s vintage Mercedes station wagon. Enough volume to house a few days worth of his outfits, yet small enough to squeeze between his St.

Wardrobe Maintenance

I had a few inquires about my own clothing collection, specifically how I take care of my garments. As such – for when the masquerade ball bids adieu and yours truly departs to his solemn dark cave; the cape hung, the walking stick mounted, and the mask shed to reveal a beastly hideousness kept self-imposingly away from the scorn of thy princess’ innocence, for she shall never know the pained

The Engine-Turned Plaque Belt

One of the most headache-inducing themes that I see from clansmen who are unknowingly part of the Brainless Masses Tribe (a proud native people who make up a sizable population, where common behavior includes cultural propensities for loving guns, eating burgers, and watch adult males in tights and helmets take out human aggression on a “grid iron”, and who are common throughout all regions of the United States of ‘Murica)

All in the Name: Glossary

As I have stumbled upon developing my own Tolkien-esque epic universe with this blog, which started with a big bang four years ago, and has now expanded and cooled to a twisted, dangerous, and black hole-filled mess that it is today; I wanted to make things easier for you in reading my postings by offering this codebreaker. I introduced a basic labeling system in my first “All in the Name“

Trad Mannerisms: To Cuff or Not to Cuff?

We owe an awesome deal of our heritage to those fogey old farts across the puddle. Afterall, the United Kingdom damn near wrote the entire textbook that we have been studiously absorbing our tradly and preppy lessons from, right here in the confines of Haberdashery Hall Rm 103, as a Michael Caine lookalike adorning horn-rimmed glasses and academic robe professes to our class the theory of “Advanced Techniques in Windsor

Trad Mannerisms: Integrating Maturity into your Look

Taking the old and making it young You already know I write for you, an audience of like-minded peers who are roughly at or around our age of, say 16 to 30 (the range moves as I grow older and you grow younger!) Within this ever changing late high school to post graduate formula, there are many of us who were not exposed to tastes of traditional, East Coast American

The Kiltie Loafer

Old Fashioned renewed. Ah yes, those weird looking shoes that your retired investment banker Uncle Bobby wears to cocktail hour at the country club bar overlooking the putter’s green. The Kiltie Loafer – one of the last untouched frontiers of preppy resurgence! Everyone had to get the penny loafer, then the tassel loafer, sure why not a venetian, ok maybe a fourth pair of strap or pinch, but hardly anyone

Blackwatch Pants

A longtime reader recently emailed me asking for advice on an ensemble for an upcoming holiday get-together of close friends of which he was graciously hosting. He wanted something fun and engaging, yet classy and upscale. Somewhere less than full-out-GTH but above boring and stiffy to add cadence to a relaxed and upbeat atmosphere. Something to honor Vince Guaraldi’s angelic record chiming off the Audubon china and champagne glasses, half

Alternative to Boat Shoes, Part II

Almost three years ago, I wrote my first style advice article for a budding personal blog where I can share my sartorial knowledge on anything tradly and preppy. I hope my enduring compass has steered you into the right course, navigating the turbulent seas of passing fads and sailing on to timeless waters. And in that spirit, I’ll revisit that inaugural article now with another proposition for your shoe game.

How to Wear a Summer Sportcoat

“Let me show you a few things…” Good ol’ JT! Leave it to him to make the perfect freshly showered and putting on the cologne soundtrack for a well-dressed gentleman. I played this as my pre-game tune all summer long before hitting up the streets. As much as I’d love a Suit+Tie, I like being able to get away with a sportsjacket for any semi-formal occasion or for times when

Trad Mannerisms: What time is it?

Inevitable dick pic hinting at my manliness. As explained in Part III of The Guide to Dressing Well, I advise you to start wearing a watch if you have not already. “Marks of a gentleman are his watch and his shoes” as I so unsubtly put it. And it’s true. Some women really do notice a shined pair of dress shoes and a sophisticated time piece. Get in the habit


Clockwise from top right: 1) American Optical Original Pilots with Bayonet Temples and Polarized Lens. These are the sunglasses that your trad daddy grandfather wore if he was in the service. American Optical and competitor Randolph Engineering both have had the contract for the US Military. The “bayonet” temples are streamlined in a way to allow for easy access for Air Force pilots when they have their flight helmets on.

Trad Mannerisms: The Politician’s Roll

“Politicians are always taking off their jackets and rolling up their sleeves and pretending to help build a house somewhere. It’s that getting-things-done look.” – Glenn O’Brien Back in 11th grade I took AP Psychology based on the recommendation of my upperclassmen friends. Not to simply take it for college credit or to learn about Maslow’s Hierarchy, but to laugh and engage with the great Mr. Norman. This magnetizing 6’2″

Trad Mannerisms: The Nature of Formality

I attended a few semi-to-formal events this past semester (which was my toughest yet, sorry for the hiatus.) Knowing what to wear and how to dress for such occasions is a cornerstone for the young collegiate trad. Gone are the days where a simple tucked in over sized shirt borrowed from Dad and pleated khakis are sufficient for your aunt’s wedding. Dressing well and paying attention to the details gives

Layering for Sweater Weather

Depending on where you live in the lower 48 (or perhaps most of the year in the 49th), chilly weather can mean anything from a t-shirt with a light sweater to a down jacket on top of multiple layers. In the southeast, where the winter climate tends to be schizophrenic and can shift from a comfortable 61 degrees to a freezing 30 degrees in less than a week, it is


The fogey gentlemen across the pond gave us Yankees a lot to be thankful for in our style. Anything trad and its preppy offspring have very strong Anglo-Saxon roots. They gave us desert boots, trench coats, brougues, spread collars, Ralph’s marketing (polo anyone?) and so on. You name it and the English were there first. The imagery of the Country Gentleman is my favorite. Stallions grazing behind decades-aged logged fencing.

JanSport Original Right Pack

You rarely ever think about it, but the styling of your backpack is as noticeable as your choice of shoes. It’s easy to forget since we see this item as more as an educational necessity than as an extension of our tastes, but is there anything else we wear more on a daily basis besides a backpack? We should pay ode to its function and utility that we use for

Trad Mannerisms: Who’s got short shorts?

Today’s high reached 97 degrees. That’s not just hot, that’s Holy-Crap-Gonna-Die temperature as soon as you walk out the door. That’s instantly sweating just as your presence ungraciously decided to leave the miracle of air conditioning. I love summer but around this time each and every year, I get tired of this mess and a certain beloved article of clothing makes it a tad more bearable in this sweltering heat.

…must start again

Following my last blog post, where my beloved Hamilton did a humpty dumpty, I fulfilled my loan and returned my father’s Bucherer back (he missed it) and picked up a new favorite watch to keep my wrist company until my Hamilton can be put back together again. I’ve been meaning to post this since I received my Seiko 5 SNKE01 a month ago, appropriately nicknamed the “Poor Man’s Grand Seiko”

The Fun Shirt

My Go To Hell post featured one of the trad holy grails resting in my closet: the Brooks Brothers “Fun” shirt. Not sure what it is but we trads seem to love our crazy mixing of colors, from madras to plaid and everything in between. The Fun shirt is a prime specimen of this pigment fixation, and as Heavy Tweed Jacket says, it is the “GTH benchmark” of all shirts.