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My style tips and tricks for the traditional and preppy young gentleman

Filson Bags

My Filson Small Duffel with “Guaranteed Warranty” Registry Tags In preparation for last October’s weekend excursion, I bought my first

All in the Name: Glossary

As I have stumbled upon developing my own Tolkien-esque epic universe with this blog, which started with a big bang four

The Kiltie Loafer

Old Fashioned renewed. Ah yes, those weird looking shoes that your retired investment banker Uncle Bobby wears to cocktail hour

Blackwatch Pants

A longtime reader recently emailed me asking for advice on an ensemble for an upcoming holiday get-together of close friends


Clockwise from top right: 1) American Optical Original Pilots with Bayonet Temples and Polarized Lens. These are the sunglasses that


The fogey gentlemen across the pond gave us Yankees a lot to be thankful for in our style. Anything trad

…must start again

Following my last blog post, where my beloved Hamilton did a humpty dumpty, I fulfilled my loan and returned my

The Fun Shirt

My Go To Hell post featured one of the trad holy grails resting in my closet: the Brooks Brothers “Fun”