Combatant Gentleman: A CollegeTrad Exclusive Review

Editor’s Note: Keeping to my moral compass in benefit of you the reader, I have only recently started entertaining third-party offerings or sponsorships. My “closed door policy” to Industry was originally to ensure that my writings remain pure in personal opinion for my – and my alone – interpretation of what I consider to be authentic Trad and Preppy style; giving my raw translation for your own discernment, so you

Tony’s Column: Ralph v. The Brethren

Ralph Lauren innovated the concept of fashionable lifestyle branding. This video is a perfect example of the idealistic imagery Ralph is selling (and we find ourselves enthusiastically buying!) One of our readers had recently emailed me with a personal essay of his own opinionated narrative. It is simply too good to not share with you all, so I assigned his much appreciated message as an excuse to not only give

Joys of Hunting, Part II

First posted a few years ago, this updated editorial celebrates our continuous sartorial Hunt of Patience & Virtue, in the endearing fortitude of Rule #10. Looking good does not have to cost an arm and a leg and a kidney and half your soul. When you want a particular item, no matter how rare and expensively out-of-reach it may appear, you have to keep marching forward no matter the monstrous

Bonobos F/W Suit Collection ’14

Mr. Jason Bornstein, the online media manager at Bonobos contacted me last week to see if I’d be willing to spread the word on their newest suit and sportcoat collection for the upcoming Fall and Winter 2014 season, set to debut in the coming week. Typically I am hesitant about these kinds of marketing blitz requests, as I had explained in my last editorial posting. I try my hardest to

Tony’s Column: How CT is setup

Since I seem to have more and more to say these days, I’ve decided to add yet another ongoing subset to CollegeTrad’s growing list of editorial features, housed here in the Editorial section. These columns are purely introspective and/or meta-layered in prose, and are not finite in followups as I think of more to say in the future. This column touches on the deeper [read: psychopathic] thoughts that have surfaced

Vintage Campus USA

Jeebus. Impossibly Cool, eh? These strapping young gentlemen pictured above represent our forefathers who paved the way to our present rendition of traditional American dress. Before Fratty. Before Preppy. There was only Trad. TNSIL. The Princetonian. The Ivy League Look. The photos above were taken from TinTin’s uploads of his copy of the original Take Ivy that you have heard me reference countless times throughout the blog before, and I

Generations of Style: Continued

Warning: potential man tears ahead. In Memoriam Every Trad Family has a loyal companion and dear friend. Two weeks ago, my mother noticed our family dog was acting differently. He stopped eating and drinking quite suddenly on Saturday, and his hind legs became very weak. He had been suffering from Chronic Heart Disease for the past two years. We’ve had our fair share of scary CHF episodes and emergency trips

Duck Head rises from the ashes (Part Deuce)

Some of you will be able to recognize one of my more subliminal but enduring themes of College Trad: my continuing education and promotion of tried-and-true Trad & Prep brands. These are the kind of niche labels that fly under the mainstream radar, and yet carry with them a rich tradition in authenticity and loyal following. Often times, they resonate with regional culture, as seen in such Porn Store, Perlis,

Ode to a Mad, Mad Man: Don Draper’s Final Season

Beautifully sung by pre-Girls actress and my future wife, Allison Williams Nearly seven years ago, AMC – then, a struggling network known more for showing your grandma’s favorite classic films than for the nuanced, game changing entertainment we know today, with the likes of a meth-dealing former high school teacher, survivalists living in a dystopian world full of zombies, and a misogynist adman from the 1960s – premiered a drama

America’s gonna ‘Merica

Jeez you fratstars love outfrattin each other out. These guys went on sale at 12:30pm yesterday and were sold out an hour later! For the rest of you GDIs who want part of the action, the next round of ‘Mericas is on pre-order and should arrive by July 4th, so you too can rock with your thighs out by the holy outlandishly preppy summer holiday that is known as Independence

Weekend in Charleston, SC- Part II: SEWE

Continued from Part I The following morning we grabbed some coffee and headed to Brittlebank Park to view the exhibits and attractions from this year’s Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE). Our passes. Very busy with families and pets. We saw a huge crowd gathering to watch the DockDogs competition. Talk about Trad Spottin’….the guy on the left in the middleground has a Beaufort and Duck boots. Just one of many Barbour

J.Press York Street

It’s arrived. Another newcomer to the forward fashion group think of runway preppy youth. Debuting the Ovadia designed collection at the Manhattan Yale Club (as such, Mr. Press is synonymous with the university), York Street opened it’s doors with a new home front on Bleeker Street this past February. You already know my sentiments in a diatribe about the topic, so I’ll just summarize the main points: too tight, too

Merry Tradmas! ’12

Keeping with tradition, my relatives make the pilgrimage to my nearby aunt’s house, who is always welcoming of us every year, and whose house happens to be large enough to fit everyone. We spend Christmas Eve attending the afternoon service, eating a hefty warm meal, opening presents, sipping on hot cocoa (or something more spirited for the grown ups), and enjoying each other’s company well into the early Christmas morning.

RL Rugby Closing

My last article featured my opinion on Brooks Brother’s Flatiron concept, which is entering the contest just as it appears the main competitor is throwing in the towel. Ralph Lauren’s Rugby, the manifestation of high-end collegiate inspired, fashion “forward” neo-preppism, will be closing so that Ralphy can focus on “more scalable global opportunities with the core Ralph Lauren brand”. So basically, Rugby was seen as a failure. This was foreshadowed

Brooks Brothers Flatiron

Last Fall, our favorite pair of Brothers launched a concept brand that directly targets the youngest, newest generation of tradsters and prepsters, the very same consumers as you and me. Flatiron (perhaps named for the iconic Flatiron building in NYC, which itself alludes to a clothes iron, for a time gone by before treated non-iron fabrics) directly competes with Ralph Lauren’s Rugby brand, launched a few years prior in 2004,

An Olympic Pony

Ralph Lauren designed the Olympic opening ceremony apparel kits for our American athletes in London 2012. Mr. Lauren, who’s name is already synonymous with Wimbledon and Polo (the sport), was the perfect choice for outfitting the ol’ red, white, and blue, creatively combining his influences of sport and classic American fashion. I am a biased of course. This is a trad blog with sympathy towards tradly style. And as it

Summer Escape

I made a remark about my recent visit to the quaint mountain town of Lexington, VA in the Washington and Lee University post. My older brother was in town visiting for a few weeks in June, and my family wanted to take a weekend getaway and escape the southern humidity and the crowded coasts, opting for the cooler Appalachian trail. Situated just across the polished pastures of the university grounds

To Keep the Good Times Rollin’…

To celebrate my second anniversary of turning 21 and of legal tender, I followed traditional suit and bought myself cotton. Whereas this wasn’t for my actual wedding anniversary, I purchased a cotton needlepoint flask from Smathers & Branson. The “Fancy Monogrammed” 6oz Flask is adorned with your last name’s initial in bold print placed in between your first and middle initials. A must-have for the alcoholic binge drinking fratdaddy; or

Brooks Brothers Costumes for The Great Gatsby

With the recent trailer launch of the upcoming motion picture The Great Gatsby, you may have noticed the exquisite period costumes adorned on Toby and Leo. As it turns out, our favorite trad brand Brooks Brothers collaborated with award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin with over 500 articles of clothing for the big budgeted film. What better clothing outfitter to trust to re-create authentic 1920s outfits, as Brooks Brothers is one

Canyon of Heroes

I’m not necessarily a Giants fan but I do like Eli Manning and his seemingly underrated career. And he’s one of us as a southern prep alum, with his Sigma Nu brothership (legacy from his dad Archie), Isidore Newman and Ole Miss alma maters, and his family’s southeastern conference roots. Not saying he is a model trad man since he usually dresses like any other grown up fratter would with