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Greek or GDI? Not necessarily traditional nor fashionable, featuring the current trends of drunken debauchery and dirty laundry

Swim Trunks

I had received a few messages from you guys asking for swimwear ideas for the upcoming summer season. Unfortunately, I

What is “Fratty”?

Around this time of year, soon-to-be college students all across the country depart from their mediocre high school existence and

Tech Prep

A recent email from a reader asked for my advice on a particular embarkation he was gearing up for: A


Ah Croakies….the bastion of fratdaddies every where. What’s my take on it? Enjoy it while it lasts. When you’re an

“Stop Trying So Hard”

The following is a burriful rage by an elder Fraternity Brother and Senior. I can add more to the topic

Themed Parties

My graduate program holds an annual Back To School Bash to help get our partying out of our systems before


You guys know I’m all for short shorts. If you have the busting quads then get a pair of Chubbies.

Game Day

While rewatching last week’s Duke/UNC basketball game on ESPN3 the other day, the camera panned the crowd and I caught

Duck Head Chinos

Ubiquitous with southern preps in the 1980s, Duck Head khakis are an icon of a by-gone era. Almost every kid