Swim Trunks

I had received a few messages from you guys asking for swimwear ideas for the upcoming summer season. Unfortunately, I am too late catching you before heading out with the Brothers on your Spring Break road trip from Columbia to that coastal SEC stronghold that is the one and only Gulf Shores. But we’ll have plenty more sunshine to bake under while we have our drunken fun, as Summer Term

Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Pullover

I admit it. It’s an unhealthy obsession. And with close to 30 years of one-of-a-kind mouth watering colors and patterns, there’s just too many to choose from. So far I have four trophies. A normal person would say that is enough. Why have so many of the same thing? Jeez, is that a new one? But the mind of a deranged fanatic doesn’t quit. There is always one more victim

What is “Fratty”?

Around this time of year, soon-to-be college students all across the country depart from their mediocre high school existence and prepare to enter a beautiful rite of passage known as Freshman Year…just as supposedly-wisdomed and matured Seniors graduate with their Bachelors Degree and a beer pot belly. Some of you who are from the sunny West or across the blue Atlantic have inquired about the “Frat Daddy” label. What exactly

Tech Prep

A recent email from a reader asked for my advice on a particular embarkation he was gearing up for: A week long backpacking adventure through the Colorado Rockies. He was looking for an outdoor kit that could be be both preppy and practical at the same time. I commended him for wanting to kill two birds with one stone, because like in any activity, there is a way to collaborate

New Balance & Athletic Shoes

You’d think as a Tradster, I walk the life of an old mundane gentry while balking at today’s youth and all of their jibber-jabbery. Say, with their iTelephones, Youtelevision, and Twatter. That I wear a prized Oxford Cloth Button Down, made only in America because anything less is equal to toilet paper, and hard soled balmorals to mow the grass. With chinos of course. Because cuffed, no break chinos are


Ah Croakies….the bastion of fratdaddies every where. What’s my take on it? Enjoy it while it lasts. When you’re an undergraduate party-all-night-to-hell-with-my-9am-lecture student, you are afforded guaranteed mistakes that must be avoidedwhen you get into Van Wilder’s age. I’m referring to all of that dorm room flair: Untucked OCBDs and backwards fitted caps. Boat shoes with high top athletic socks and your old soccer shorts. Fratshags and tank tops. And

“Stop Trying So Hard”

The following is a burriful rage by an elder Fraternity Brother and Senior. I can add more to the topic later, but this deserves it’s own post and sums up everything I agree with. Main takeaway: The key to keeping college debauchery classy is to not look like a damn poster child for Douchebags Anonymous. Keep your clothing tasteful and let your personality do the frattin’. That means no neon

Themed Parties

My graduate program holds an annual Back To School Bash to help get our partying out of our systems before the real “fun” begins of stressful nights and just-barely passed exams. This year the theme was nautical influenced, so I pulled out my inner Yachting Captain’s personality and went full out, sailing the 7 drunken seas and coasting along the Isles of Memory Lapse. Don’t be that lame guy who


You guys know I’m all for short shorts. If you have the busting quads then get a pair of Chubbies. They’re about to become really popular and some of their styles have already been placed on backorder since their recent launch. 5″ inseams are nothing new but it’s their designs and the fratty-approved GTH impression that makes these “wear with anything, do anything” shorts appealing. More so for walking down

Game Day

While rewatching last week’s Duke/UNC basketball game on ESPN3 the other day, the camera panned the crowd and I caught the guy pictured below. He has a typical fratty outfit, with the douchey go-to-hell attitude exclaimed by wearing the aviators indoors, but I certainly admire his game day attire. A lot of people won’t understand the tradition of dressing up to sporty events. For most, catching a ball game is

Duck Head Chinos

Ubiquitous with southern preps in the 1980s, Duck Head khakis are an icon of a by-gone era. Almost every kid from grade school to college owned at least one pair, and were seen almost exclusively in the Carolinas, Virgina, Georgia, and on SEC campuses and football stadiums. They were preferably worn starched, pleated and cuffed; and were very affordable at $5 or less on sale. Made in the USA quality