Autumn Wardobe

JCrew Spread Collar Dress Shirt

“…The Orvis Adventures Canoe makes this picture..”

I’ve stated numerously that Autumn and Winter are my favorite clothing seasons. It’s the thesis of combination: layers, fabrics, colors. I like to sprinkle in a dash of flavor that compliment the season to serve as an appetizer. Here, for an early Fall Saturday, I partnered earthy tones of brown and olive on the backdrop of cool blue from James Tattersall and the distressed denim. Oh and a Tony +1 recommendation, I stocked up on the JCrew slim fit merino wool v neck sweaters in classic navy and heather grey along with other shades to serve as my new collection of staple v necks. They fit very well without the annoying bunching up around the waist that I’ve experienced from other brands. The sleeves are perfectly tapered and medium length allows it to hang at the waist. Very happy with them (with pre-season 30% + 15% student discount I got on them…)

Brooks Brothers James Tattersall OCBD, slim fit
J Crew Merino Wool V Neck sweater, slim fit
Raleigh Denim, Alexander fit, made in USA
Herring Strathclyde boots, made in Portugal
Barbour Liddesdale, made in UK.
Seiko SKX009 watch

What I wore to tour the Biltmore Estate and Grounds. Wanted to go for a relaxed+dressy vibe, as if I were the Earl of Grantham or Mr. Wayne (Yes Alfred, I’ll take the Rolls today…) The key to wearing a sport coat dressed down is to abide by the Rule of 3, but in some cases when it’s either too warm to adorn a third piece light sweater or a casual knit tie is somehow even too formal, or if you’re going for the Cosmo/Chic- /Clubbingwhathaveyou look, then you’ll want to keep the top two buttons unfastened if flying solo under a sportcoat. This breaks my usual shape of top button unfastened only, in cases where the shirt is worn alone, but with a jacket it’ll help remove the stuffiness and visually accommodate for the missing third piece of a tie or sweater if you show some collarbone. Mind you, this is the only instance I do this and it’s not like I’m forcibly spreading my wings to reveal 1970s porn chest hair. Shirtwise, I get even more specific. I like vertical patterns (university stripe and the like) because they add to your height and serve as a visual stimulation that a solid shirt lack. On the other hand, I don’t like medium to large sized checks and patterns or tattersalls because they broaden your weight and makes you appear like you just stepped off a flight from Kansas City for a franchise convention. Mini checks and gingham work though, along with rich plaids and tartans because they carry substantial enough eye candy to negate the 9-5 inkjet minimalism feel.I also try not to use a lot of pocket squares without the third piece. Just seems unbalanced. But that sentiment changes on my mood.

Same golden rules still apply. Button when standing. Or stuff your hands in your cigar pockets if you decide to walk around nonchalantly with jacket unbuttoned.

Overthinking. I know. Hell I’ll probably write a whole article on this, after I go through the other 100 or so Trad Mannerisms left 😉

Beautiful day, rolling hills, manicured lawn. Visited with a friend.

When it got too warm walking through the downstairs kitchen to see what Ms. Patmore was cooking for Lord Gillingham’s arrival. Rebuttoned the 2nd.

Later that evening we went barhopping in Asheville. Threw on the no-frills navy v neck sweater and the Liddy.

JCrew Herringbone Sportcoat, Ludlow fit
Brooks Brothers University Stripe OCBD, slim fit, made in USA
Bill’s Khakis, M3 fit, made in USA
J Crew Merino Wool V Neck sweater, slim fit
Leatherman Ltd Surcingle Belt, Hunter Green with Red Stripe, made in USA
Brooks Brothers argyle socks, made in Italy
Barbour Liddesdale, made in UK.
Herring Strathclyde boots, made in Portugal
Seiko 5 Watch
Persol Polarized sunglasses

My driveway.

Sunset from Grove Park Inn overlooking the city skyline.

Fratdaddy Fall look for class. Happen to be a wet Halloween day, reason for the Ducks and the orange socks.

Brooks Brothers Tattersall OCBD, tailored from regular fit to slim
Patagonia Retro-X Vest
Bills Khakis, M3 fit, made in USA
Brooks Brothers argyle socks, made in Italy
LL Bean Boot Mocs, made in USA
College Bar hat

Another class.

JCrew Spread Collar Dress Shirt, mini-gingham
Brooks Brothers Advantage Chinos,Clark fit
Leatherman Ltd Belt,
Wrightsville Beach Seal motif, Redix Store, made in USA
JCrew argyle socks
Allen Edmonds Westchester Loafers, made in USA
Hamilton Field Watch with NATO strap
American Optical Polarized Original Pilots, made in USA

Tech Prep. Hiking through the woods enjoying nature and then making a blog post about it.

Synchilla removed. My wannabe badass look. Fighting the Taliban in the dangerous confines of a national park. Sweat wicking t shirts are my favorite base layer, Hunter Green to match the ground foilage. If you’re the next Sir Edmund Hillary like me, then I’ll do another +1 for these Columbia Silver Ridge Hiking Pants. I only looked at Convertibles because I want the option for warm weather hiking, but because how inherently geeky they are (use to wear a generic one in Middle School- for class not hiking- and wear one leg unzipped and the other fully adorn…these were the unenlightened dark ages) you should only wear these strictly as Tech Prep for outdoor activity. I chose the Silver Ridge because of how surprisingly form fitting they are, because even in movement I don’t like excess material. Other popular alternatives in the amateur budget range like the REI Sahara are too baggy, and between the North Face Horizon and Columbia, I had to go with my PFG loyalty (plus, I promised myself I’d never own NF!) With the Omni Protection and SPF 50 protection, I was sold. Go with a half to full break. Don’t wanna risk high waters in this case.

Into the Wilderness. +1 on the REI 18 Pack for a quick day trip.

Cheeky me. The 10″ inseam of the shorts starts with a low rise, making them hit comfortably above my knee. Not exactly like my favorite Stand-Ups shorts, but not bad for a quick conversion.

UnderArmour Tech T shirt
Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants
Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Sweater
Merrell Waterproof XC Moab Trainers
JCrew Hiking Socks, made in USA
Bolle Anaconda sunglasses and Croakies
College Bar Hat

I’m the first to admit that if I like a particular outfit, I’ll recycle it whenever I see fit. I only have a finite amount of clothing afterall (albeit, ever growing) and since Trad is all about honoring the tried-and-true, you’ll breed a few champions for times you gotta drop dem dead. Pink and Dark Navy or Black for the late-summer sophisticated aura at the underground cocktail lounge.

Brooks Brothers Chino Unstructured Sportcoat
Brooks Brothers OCBD, slim fit, made in USA
Raleigh Denim, Alexander Fit, made in USA
Trafalgar Engine Turned Plaque with black alligator embossed strap
The Cordial Churchman Seersucker Pocket Square, made in USA 2″ black knit tie and tie bar
Allen Edmonds Grayson loafers, made in USA
Bucherer dress watch with black alligator embossed strap