Spring & Summer

Allen Edmonds Clifton

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I’m a classic man.

Selected outfits from late Spring to early August ’15. Continuing a major theme of CollegeTrad, this article includes examples of Rule #10 (proving that nice clothes can be affordable if you know how to shop!)

Café lunch with lady friend. One of my favorite dress shirts. Picked up my first pair of Donnelly’s as my most tapered chino, less for trad and more for fashion forward casual outings like this. (FYI: my go-to favorite American chino maker, Bill’s, recently launched Trim Fit M4 to compete with Jack’s.) Also my first Weejuns – took me long enough to acquire an authentic American made trad staple. Treasure hunt retold on the IG.

-Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Non-Iron Bold Gingham Dress Shirt, $35 via “3 for $179 everyday deal” plus add. 30% off Corporate Double Discount Day and stacked $20 Brooks Card Birthday gift card (MSRP $92)
-Jack Donnelly Slim Fit Dalton Chinos, made in USA, $25 used via eBay (MSRP $105)
-LL Bean Chino Belt, 1″ width, vintage, made in USA
-Bass Fenmore Weejuns, made in USA, $148 with limited stock (MSRP$295)
-Seiko SKX009 Watch

Visiting The Matriarch for Easter. Church service and Easter brunch invite from family friends at their country club. Actually killed my wallet and paid full price for this KW tie…but its sooo good especially for S/S season versatility.

-JCrew Ludlow British Khaki Irish Linen Suit, on sale $250 (MSRP ~$460)
-Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Non-Iron Spread Collar Dress Shirt, $35 via “3 for $179 everyday deal” plus add. 30% off Corporate Double Discount Day and stacked $20 Brooks Card Birthday gift card (MSRP $92)
-Kent Wang 3″ Sky Blue Grenadine Tie, made in Italy
-BB red and light blue pocket square, made in USA
-Allen Edmonds Clifton, made in USA, $60 used via eBay (MSRP $350)

Climbing up the ladder. Attending a big wig meeting. KW repeat since the sky blue gives a sense of keeping calm & cool & carrying on during the height of summer. All the while hoping they dont call on me. This suit was another hellavua deal, definitely one of my GOAT treasure finds. RL Black Label is a young professional’s fresh-off-the-runway outfitter for an ultra dignified fashionably forward version of Trad&Prep haute couture. Known for its elongated lapels and broad shouldering to enunciate your corporate shark mentality.

Sans belt for modern minimalism in line of the RLBL aesthetic.

Jacket removed while staring at excel sheets in the office. Can’t do my usual Politician’s Roll due to the french cuffs.

The Deets. Functioning Surgeon Cuffs. Subtle cotton cuff links in blue and red that suggestively wink at the blue tie, burgundy merlot shoes. Don’t feel like Im at the senior level to have sterling silver cuff links just yet, cotton links placate the ostentatious french cuffs for the junior league. Pay your dues first, Mr. Future CFO. You can be mean when you look this clean. I’m a classic man.

-Ralph Lauren Black Label Grey Anthony Sharkskin Suit, made in Italy. $200 used, slightly repaired via Styleforum B&S Section (MSRP $1895)
-RLBL Spread Collar French Cuffed Bond Dress Shirt, made in Italy, $30 via eBay (MSRP $295)
-Allen Edmonds Clifton, made in USA
-Seiko 5 SNKE01 Watch

Workday. Felt like putting on the Dandy.

The Deets. Argyle & Sutherland twin socks and tie.

-Ralph Lauren Polo Seersucker 3/2 Roll Sportcoat, made in Italy
-Brooks Brothers Slim Fit OCBD, made in USA
-BB Argyle & Sutherland Repp Tie, made in USA
-BB Natural Craftsmanship Collection Navy Linen & Cotton Dress Pants, made in Italy, $104 on sale (MSRP $348)
-BB Argyle & Sutherland argyle socks (S/S Collection ’13), made in England
-Trafalgar Engine Turned Plaque with with brown calfskin strap
-Alden for Brooks Bros. Cordovan Horween LHS Penny Loafers, Color #8 Burgundy, made in USA, <$250 NOS via AAAC B&S Section (MSRP $728)
-American Optical Original Pilots, made in USA

Saturday night clubbin’. KW fitted polos have mother of pearl buttons and an innovative spread collar, “dressy” for the night yet cool for the sweaty dance floor. Has a cult following and as seen on GQ. Sh*tkicker pennies for high heel scuffs, spilled liquor, projectile vomit, etc. The dance floor is a minefield. Black and mist green makes a nuanced warm night combo.

-Kent Wang Black Polo
-Brooks Brothers Milano Fit Cotton & Linen Pants
-Cole Haan Pinch Penny Loafer

Just for giggles, if it were a South Beach venue, sippin’ on my third caipirinha and staring at Latina hotties in 11″ heels and 2″ tropical dresses; I would balance the casualness of the polo with pompous tassel loafers. Also prefer breaking up the black with burgundy to round out the color spectrum of these outfits, instead of having two harsh dark & light ends. Make sure pants are as slim as the shirt.

-Allen Edmonds Burgundy Grayson Loafers, made in USA, $100 used via eBay (MSRP $385)

Outdoor picnic calls for summer plaids and tartans. Novelty shorts are the easiest way. Violet family goes with Green, just want to tone it down Mr. Joker. Campbell Clan variation I believe. Ya goatfu*ker.

-Brooks Brothers Lilac Slim Fit Polo, ~$18 via flash sale (MSRP ~$65)
-Ralph Lauren Polo Tartan Shorts, ~$15 clearance sale via Dillards (MSRP ~$90)
-Hamilton Khaki Field Watch with NATO Strap
-Sperry Authentic Originals Boat Shoes
-Persol SM 714, made in Italy, $275 new via eBay (MSRP $400)

Errands and then gym/run. Representin’ Terbacker Road. Repeat of last year, adding yet another championship. They aren’t too happy ten miles down the road. Rare moment I go for the prototype Fratdaddy look these days a few years removed from undregrad. Will leave it to further down the Brotherhood family tree. College affiliated tee works in lieu of frocket is fine. Generic Nike Logo graphic tee is not.

Try not to be a bigger Brand Whore than I already am, keeping the sport logos to a duo. Short shorts per usual, athletic gear at 7-8″ inseam. John Stockton and I agree. Less wind and motion resistance when you are bouncing the ball[sack].

-Nike Athletic Fit Tee
-Nike DriFit Running Hat-Ralph Lauren Polo Seersucker Shorts, ~$15 clearance sale via Dillards (MSRP ~$90), hemmed to 6.5″ inseam
-Adidas Tennis Shorts
-New Balance high top socks
-NB 993, made in USA, NOS via Joes Outlet, ~$110 (MSRP $145)

Downtown dinner and drinks with friends. Sophisticated urbanprep vibe.

Unbuttoned twice with jacket on. Permission to wear suit top as odd jacket if it is a seasonal fabric/pattern, like this linen. Never with dress worsted wools.

The Deets. Subtle varying shades of brown – tattersall matches walnut brown hues of jacket, shoes, accessories; blue hues of denim, polarized lenses, and pocket square.

Unbutton twice to make the jacket less stiff for afterhours.

June bug humidity compounded with whiskey gets me flushed. Unbutton once when jacket removed to appear less Guido-ish. Chest hair need not apply. Like, oh me, oh me oh my. I know many women want to be in my life.

-JCrew Ludlow British Khaki Irish Linen Suit Jacket
-Brooks Brothers Spread Collar Dress Shirt, made in USA
-Raleigh Denim Jones Fit Raw Selvedge, made in USA
-Trafalgar engine-turned plaque with BB British Tan leather strap, made in Italy
-JCrew gingham pocket square, made in USA
-Allen Edmonds Strand, Walnut, made in USA, ~$200 on clearance via Shoebank Factory Second

Friday before Independence Day Weekend. Worked a few hours in the silent halls. Business casual with chinos and barefoot loafers (S/S Holidays with 90% of officemates gone are the only time socks may be an option). Dressed it up a tad with blue blazer and weejuns. Taking note from Don Draper, he knew to compliment the height-of-summer with Indian Madras Plaid.

Kept jacket on most of the day to mute the plaid and belt. With jacket at back of my chair and sleeves rolled to type up reports. Motif needlepoint to celebrate Lady Liberty’s 239th Birthday. Doesn’t look a day over 200.

-Anderson-Little Blue Blazer, made in USA, vintage, thrifted $5
-Brooks Brothers Country Club Plaid OCBD, woven in Italy made in USA, tailored, $~20 via Garland Factory (MSRP $225)
-Smathers & Branson American Flag Needlepoint Belt, $115 on sale via Onward Reserve (MSRP $165)
-BB Milano Fit Non-Iron British Khaki Chinos
-Bass Fenmore Weejuns, made in USA

Independence Day BBQ. All American combo of white shirt+nanny reds. The original nanny reds by the way, more of a “salmon pink” by sea salt fade. Linen cool into the firework-lit night.

The Deets. Red, White, Blue. Worth investing in a patriotic belt for the summer holidays – treasure hunt documented on IG.

-Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Linen Shirt
-Murray’s Toggery Nantucket Red Shorts, hemmed & tapered to 7.5″ inseam from bermuda length, $36 used via eBay (MSRP $80)
-Smathers & Branson American Flag Moftif Needlepoint Belt
-Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoes

Casual affair. Nanny Reds part deuce. Muted with black for dog day August afternoon.

-Brooks Brothers Original Fit Polo, inherited from my Father
-Murray’s Toggery Nanny Reds
-Rancourt Gilmore Camp Moc, made in USA

Scored free passes to the RBC Heritage in April. My boy Spieth fresh off [his first] Masters win in August, just down the road from Hilton Head. As if I needed a reason to visit a Trad Mecca.

Despite a penchant for plaid shorts, Yours Truely isn’t much of a golfer. Does not mean I can’t appreciate the tradly spirit of The Game. There is the Green Blazer, and then there is the Heritage Plaid blazer. Accredited by the Council of the Scottish Tartan Society. One yellow bar removed from Royal Stewart Tartan to make it custom to the Cup.

Southern breakfast. Deviled Eggs a must.

Chicken n’ Waffles. Yup. Bacon bits.

And some cherry pie.

Cathills Market in neighboring Bluffton.

Madras the epitome of a Summer Sportcoat.

-Ralph Lauren Polo Indian Madras Sportscoat
-Brooks Brothers OCBD, made in USA
-Bills Khakis M3, made in USA
-Bass Fenmore Weejuns, made in USA

After years of visiting South Carolina, finally picked up my very own Salty Dog Frocket. Famous around deez here parts. Cheaper to buy from the Factory where they print ‘em than at the actual restaurant.

This Flying Beast guards the gates of a coveted Southern Frocket Medallion. Fratdaddies from UVA all the way to Miami University have fallen prey to its razor sharp talons to earn the right to wear The Dog.

Groceries. Fratdaddy alumni.

I like a golden yellow against a saltwashed navy. Blucher mocs lovingly broken-in and aged. Not trying to keep those pristine, meant for the elements. DatAss.

-The Salty Dog Cafe Frocket
-Duck Head Chino Shorts, hemmed to 6″ inseam
-LLBean Blucher Moc

Brother and I visiting The Matriarch.


First Born Heir to the Throne: JCrew Ludlow Linen Suitjacket (borrowed from me), Brooks Brothers OCBD made in USA, Chipp2 Blue Grenadine Tie made in USA (borrowed from me), JC Broken In-Chino, Cole Haan loafers, AO Original Pilot shades (his own upon my consult, same as mine).

Her Majesty: JC cardigan, BB summer dress, custom made pearl necklace gifted from The Patriach, Dooney & Burke summer purse, and her generic fashion watch and old lady comfort shoes to my chagrin.

Young Master Prince: BB Fitzgerald Fit Chambray Sportcoat, BB NonIron Slim Fit Light Blue Houndstooth OCBD, BB madras patchwork bowtie made in USA, BB Milano Fit Cotton Linen Pants in S/S season white, my staple Trafalgar plaque belt with dark brown strap to match my loafers, Alden LHS made in USA, Persol PO276 shades made in Italy.

Your needs get met by the street, elegant old fashioned man.
Yeah baby I’m a classic man.