Canyon of Heroes

I’m not necessarily a Giants fan but I do like Eli Manning and his seemingly underrated career. And he’s one of us as a southern prep alum, with his Sigma Nu brothership (legacy from his dad Archie), Isidore Newman and Ole Miss alma maters, and his family’s southeastern conference roots.

Not saying he is a model trad man since he usually dresses like any other grown up fratter would with tucked-in extra large polos and pleated khakis, but he does have some highlights. So if futbol players dress in high fashion across Europe, then I guess the Mannings are football’s answer, cut from an All-American cloth.

  1. Sockless boat shoes
  2. Deciding on the Rebels cap
  3. Even all grown up, Eli loves his fratshag
  4. Clean cut casual
  5. Eli and his beautiful wife at their summer wedding. Breezy khaki suit preferred over the hot tuxedo
  6. Eli and Abby enjoying courtside on date night. Topcoat, button down, chinos, suede bucks
  7. The odd jacket that’s unfortunately too long, but hey, think of the children damnit
  8. Another mishap. Suit is all kinds of trouble. But I’m not looking at the suit
  9. The Mannings showing their school spirit by wearing Smathers and Branson needlepoint belts of their respective alma maters. Eli looking great in his button down and chinos
  10. Leading up to this year’s Bowl. Tom gets more of the fashion spotlight, and rightly so, but Eli looks great in traditional American tailoring
  11. He’s wearing a Vineyard Vines polo under there. I promise
  12. After the big win? Going to Disney World of course
  13. The Letterman interview the night after the win. Blue blazer, conservative light blue spread collar, repp tie, grey flannels, chocolate suede loafers. And a change of clothes…that he wore that morning with Mickey Mouse. No rest for a champion
  14. Parading down the Canyon of Heroes. Nice wool coat, which funny enough looks almost exactly like the last time he celebrated a Bowl win