Autumn Drive

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I love this time of year. Each of the seasons has its own sense of unique flavor, but Fall is my favorite. There is a lot of things that make this season great. Leaves changing is a given. The slight brisk in the air, enough to cool down from Summer but not enough to give you frost bite like Winter. The state fairs. Return of the holidays. Football.

Last week, my older brother and I visited home to check in with my mother, and during some down time I decided to go for a short drive to enjoy what’s left of peak leaf-turning climate. Just 5 minutes away from my house is a scenic country drive in the Piedmont region of North Carolina that I love to take to nowhere, and the Fall is the best time to experience it.

So I hopped into my brother’s Volvo C70 convertible and enjoyed the day’s unusually warm temperature. Nothing better than blue skys, top down, and some Autumn Defense (appropriately named) playing in the wind.

I love his car so I had to take a few pics of it too. My brother plans on keeping it as a future “beater” (if he literally drives it to the ground I’ll kill him) and then pass it on to his kid. Beat-up Volvos are the perfect first car for high school students. Mine was my dad’s 940. Very trad.

Volvo convertible? Check. Perfect WASPy environment? Check. Jacket over the shoulders? Asshole.

BB tattersall OCBD
BB bomber jacket
Leatherman Ltd. Belt
Levis 505
Allen Edmonds Winthrop driving loafers
Ray Ban Aviators (ruby shade of the lens enhances the Autumn colors)
2004 Volvo C70 Limited (black on black babay)