Ole Miss: The University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi, or better known as Ole Miss, is Mississippi’s flagship public institution and located in the town of Oxford. As a prominent southern school, it is one of the best campuses to spot young men and women dressed up in southern prep clothing. The university was founded in 1848 and is one of the top public schools in the nation.

Alama Mater

Way down south in Mississippi
There’s a spot that ever calls
Where amongst the hills enfolded
Stand old Alma Mater’s Halls
Where the trees lift high their branches
To the whispering Southern breeze
There Ole Miss is calling, calling
To our hearts fond memories.

As part of the Southerneastern Athletic Conference, college football dominates at Ole Miss and gameday at The Grove is a time to show off your Sunday best (football here is a religion after all) before cheering on the Rebels to a victory.

Hotty Toddy
Are you ready?
Hell yes! Damn Right!
Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
Who the hell are we, Hey!
Flim Flam, Bim Bam