Weekend in Charleston, SC – Part I: The College of Charleston

South Carolina’s State Flag: A Crescent Moon and Palmetto Tree

The Lady and I took a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina to visit her old college town and to attend the annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) for Valentine’s Weekend this past February. We had an amazing time, and since the Lady considers Charleston as her second home, she was able to show me her favorite haunts and local secrets. The charming gem of a city also provided an excellent canvas for us to practice our camera shooting skills (yours truly with his new DSLR). I borrowed some of her pictures for this photo essay, and her being far superior to me as a photographer, you can probably tell which ones are hers (hint: the non blurry, in-focused ones).

Founded in 1670, the historic southern town is exceedingly beautiful. Rainbow Row Colonial homes and neighborhoods. Brick lined and cobble stoned streets. Spanish moss covered branches on century old giants. Classic touches of southern hospitality and social scenery, lowcountry food and culture, and traditional and vibrant dress flows through the cast iron gated corridors and busy populated streets.

For the purposes of this east-coast American inspired clothing blog, Bowtie Charleston certainly ranks amongst the elite prep meccas, with the likes of Nanny Red Nantucket, Repp Tie Georgetown, Tennis Cable Knit Greenwich, and Seersucker with Suspenders Oxford. Add in a bay side battery, Georgian mansions, two premier universities, and old-world wealth and you have the perfect southern escape atmosphere.

My girlfriend is an alumnus of College of Charleston, which was founded in 1770, making it the oldest municipal college and the 13th oldest institution of higher learning in the country. With that kind of pedigree, it makes sense that this public school is listed among the top preppiest schools in 2011 by the Huffington Post.

Alma Mater

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater.
Hail to thy time-honored name.
Proud tradition hover ’round thee;
May we never bring thee shame.

Loyal sons and daughters love thee;
Strive to conquer and prevail.
We will sing thy praises ever –
College of Charleston, hail, all hail.

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The picturesque southern campus has been featured in Nicholas Sparks films The Notebook and Dear John. (Some of the pictures have viewing errors and I am not sure why. If you want to see the pictures upclose, then “Right click >View Image”)

Flashbacks of the Logarithmic Spiral…ugh. Cool plaque though.

Randolph Hall

Caught this group of future freshmen.

Spanish moss and centenary trees covering your path to your Biology lab.