My porn stash. Dec.

Christmas Semi-Formal Party

BB twill sports coat
LL Bean OCBD, trim fit
BB Clark corduroy pants
Wool Tie, thrift
Tie Clip, gift
J Crew Belt with Engine Turned Buckle

Christmas Night, midnight church mass

-Gap Pea Coat
-BB Clark corduroy pants
-Cole Haan Pinch penny loafers
-Gap scarf, made in Italy, gift

Same outfit as above, coat removed

-BB shawl cardigan
-Critter Tie, thrift

Same outfit

-The pants are royal blue color, looks clearer in this pic
-BB plaid belt

Friend’s birthday dinner

-LL Bean Signature Line Harrington G9 Jacket (almost exactly like the Baracuta original but slimmer)
-John Ashford fair isle sweater, inherited from grandfather
-J Crew Gingham OCBD
-Levis STF 501
-Clarks Dark Brown Suede Desert Boots

Dinner with friends on a snowy night

-Trench/military coat, inherited from my grandfather
-RL sweater, inherited from my grandfather
-Abercrombie flannel (from my high school days, I promise!)
-Levis 505
-LL Bean boot mocs, made in USA