America’s gonna ‘Merica

Jeez you fratstars love outfrattin each other out. These guys went on sale at 12:30pm yesterday and were sold out an hour later!

For the rest of you GDIs who want part of the action, the next round of ‘Mericas is on pre-order and should arrive by July 4th, so you too can rock with your thighs out by the holy outlandishly preppy summer holiday that is known as Independence Day.

As for me, my 18 year old self would’ve loved a pair, but my cranky, almost-24-holy-shit-what-happened-to-my-summer-breaks- self figures I’m past the window of opportunity in making “what the hell was I wearing?” mistakes. GTH is ok for all ages. TFM is not. I’m already phasing out my croakies and high top socks, R.I.P.

Although I am still considering getting one of the other novelty pairs. Great for a lounge short or for BBQing. God knows my pasty thighs need to see some sunlight right now.