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First Time Readers

Thank you for visiting the site! I am forever grateful that people are willing to read my rambling thoughts on such a subjective genre as men’s fashion. If you are completely new to College Trad, or to Preppy and Traditional style in general, I would like for you to start out reading the “Guide to Dressing Well” at the top of the menu once you skim through the rest of this page. It will give you a foundation on Trad style; think of it as a freshman introductory class to which we will build your preppy major on. The guide also helps you figure out what the heck I’m writing about in my blog posts, like what “GTH” and “OCBD” acronyms stand for. I also direct you to these useful postings, Part (I) and Part (II), where I expand on my special dialect of terminology that you will see me use often in my writings.

How to Read This Blog

You’ll soon notice that I write in a sarcastic, self-deprecating, and perhaps smartly-immature (hows that for an oxymoron) tone. If this offends you, just realize that this blog is written for a young adult male audience (see: Categories), and the author himself is in his early 20s. Please do not take me too seriously, especially when I inject obviously made up adjectives and nouns like Tradly or Tradgasm or anything doing with sexual overtone and toilet humor. It’s my way of both poking fun at my strict interpretation of clothing and for my own (and hopefully your) entertainment. Bear with me if you have no taste for this style of writing. I have to every time I log in.

About College Trad

Practical. Youthful. Stylish.

I’ve picked up a few things about style, sartorially inclined or otherwise, and would like to relate it to my peers who are in their early to late 20s, in college or freshly graduated and wanting to present themselves in a good light. This blog is marketed towards this group of gentlemen.

College. Trad. I hope the name of my blog doesn’t give off an image of specificity or authority. My number one rule in style is that it is always subjective, and so my posts are merely suggestions. It is your job to pick out what you like or don’t like. Strong opinions come with the territory and everyone will have differing views. And don’t be surprised if I break my own rules; clothes are just clothes at the end of the day.

“Trad” is short for traditional, and in the fashion world it is the older brother of the more popular Preppy style. My preferences heavily favor East-Coast Americana, but I will not pretend I lived through the mid century1960s nor admit I always wear tweed jackets to class. My style is not describable by any strict terms and thus hopefully shows a practical balance between classic men’s fashion and youthful appearance, which is what every collegiate man should hope to achieve as he steps into the real world.

My vision is to educate, share, and spread traditional east-coast American clothing. Don’t view this blog as just a fashion look book, because honestly there are tons of other sites much better at that than I am, and instead keep an open mind and absorb the aesthetic I am practicing. This is precisely why I try to inform the reader on not just what I am wearing, but why I am, and the sensibilities and reasoning behind each and every outfit. I try to explain my choices so that you can make your own.

What you see on this blog comes directly from me. I try to stay as open, sincere, and credible as possible. All of the clothes featured were purchased by me, unless otherwise noted. I write for the “common man”: the guy who wants to look presentable but doesn’t want to appear like he just stepped out of Details magazine. This blog isn’t for the high-fashion and instead champions the practical. So no super tight rolled up jeans, odd pairings, fedoras, and ironic vintage accessories. What I show on this site is what I wear in real life, and the hope is that you the reader would feel as comfortable wearing the same outfit in casual Indianapolis as you would in chic New York City.

About the Author

Time to write in the third person…Tony was born in the North and raised in the Southeast of good ol’ US of A. Coming from a middle class loving family, Tony was not groomed in preppy and traditional style, nor lived in an affluent area, and had to self educate himself in his passion for men’s style. He started College Trad as a personal blog to guide his fellow like-minded peers in preppy fashion on Blogspot in 2011, and later moved to this current domain two years later. Tony is now 25 years old and resides in North Carolina as a university graduate student.


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