The Kiltie Loafer

Old Fashioned renewed. Ah yes, those weird looking shoes that your retired investment banker Uncle Bobby wears to cocktail hour at the country club bar overlooking the putter’s green. The Kiltie Loafer – one of the last untouched frontiers of preppy resurgence! Everyone had to get the penny loafer, then the tassel loafer, sure why not a venetian, ok maybe a fourth pair of strap or pinch, but hardly anyone

Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Pullover

I admit it. It’s an unhealthy obsession. And with close to 30 years of one-of-a-kind mouth watering colors and patterns, there’s just too many to choose from. So far I have four trophies. A normal person would say that is enough. Why have so many of the same thing? Jeez, is that a new one? But the mind of a deranged fanatic doesn’t quit. There is always one more victim

Blackwatch Pants

A longtime reader recently emailed me asking for advice on an ensemble for an upcoming holiday get-together of close friends of which he was graciously hosting. He wanted something fun and engaging, yet classy and upscale. Somewhere less than full-out-GTH but above boring and stiffy to add cadence to a relaxed and upbeat atmosphere. Something to honor Vince Guaraldi’s angelic record chiming off the Audubon china and champagne glasses, half

Alternative to Boat Shoes, Part II

Almost three years ago, I wrote my first style advice article for a budding personal blog where I can share my sartorial knowledge on anything tradly and preppy. I hope my enduring compass has steered you into the right course, navigating the turbulent seas of passing fads and sailing on to timeless waters. And in that spirit, I’ll revisit that inaugural article now with another proposition for your shoe game.

Autumn, 2013

“…The Orvis Adventures Canoe makes this picture..” I’ve stated numerously that Autumn and Winter are my favorite clothing seasons. It’s the thesis of combination: layers, fabrics, colors. I like to sprinkle in a dash of flavor that compliment the season to serve as an appetizer. Here, for an early Fall Saturday, I partnered earthy tones of brown and olive on the backdrop of cool blue from James Tattersall and the

How to Wear a Summer Sportcoat

“Let me show you a few things…” Good ol’ JT! Leave it to him to make the perfect freshly showered and putting on the cologne soundtrack for a well-dressed gentleman. I played this as my pre-game tune all summer long before hitting up the streets. As much as I’d love a Suit+Tie, I like being able to get away with a sportsjacket for any semi-formal occasion or for times when

Trad Mannerisms: What time is it?

Inevitable dick pic hinting at my manliness. As explained in Part III of The Guide to Dressing Well, I advise you to start wearing a watch if you have not already. “Marks of a gentleman are his watch and his shoes” as I so unsubtly put it. And it’s true. Some women really do notice a shined pair of dress shoes and a sophisticated time piece. Get in the habit

What is “Fratty”?

Around this time of year, soon-to-be college students all across the country depart from their mediocre high school existence and prepare to enter a beautiful rite of passage known as Freshman Year…just as supposedly-wisdomed and matured Seniors graduate with their Bachelors Degree and a beer pot belly. Some of you who are from the sunny West or across the blue Atlantic have inquired about the “Frat Daddy” label. What exactly

Tech Prep

A recent email from a reader asked for my advice on a particular embarkation he was gearing up for: A week long backpacking adventure through the Colorado Rockies. He was looking for an outdoor kit that could be be both preppy and practical at the same time. I commended him for wanting to kill two birds with one stone, because like in any activity, there is a way to collaborate

New Balance & Athletic Shoes

You’d think as a Tradster, I walk the life of an old mundane gentry while balking at today’s youth and all of their jibber-jabbery. Say, with their iTelephones, Youtelevision, and Twatter. That I wear a prized Oxford Cloth Button Down, made only in America because anything less is equal to toilet paper, and hard soled balmorals to mow the grass. With chinos of course. Because cuffed, no break chinos are


Ah Croakies….the bastion of fratdaddies every where. What’s my take on it? Enjoy it while it lasts. When you’re an undergraduate party-all-night-to-hell-with-my-9am-lecture student, you are afforded guaranteed mistakes that must be avoidedwhen you get into Van Wilder’s age. I’m referring to all of that dorm room flair: Untucked OCBDs and backwards fitted caps. Boat shoes with high top athletic socks and your old soccer shorts. Fratshags and tank tops. And


Clockwise from top right: 1) American Optical Original Pilots with Bayonet Temples and Polarized Lens. These are the sunglasses that your trad daddy grandfather wore if he was in the service. American Optical and competitor Randolph Engineering both have had the contract for the US Military. The “bayonet” temples are streamlined in a way to allow for easy access for Air Force pilots when they have their flight helmets on.

Weekend in Charleston, SC- Part III: The Citadel

Continued from Part II We woke up to a beautiful and chilly Sunday morning, with not a cloud in sight. My lady knew of a local’s secret diner for delicious breakfast, called the Dixie Supply. Sunday morning crowd. After dining on the lowcountry favorite, Shrimp and Grits, we head to the Historic City Market, that had been around since the late 18th century. On our way was the US Customs

America’s gonna ‘Merica

Jeez you fratstars love outfrattin each other out. These guys went on sale at 12:30pm yesterday and were sold out an hour later! For the rest of you GDIs who want part of the action, the next round of ‘Mericas is on pre-order and should arrive by July 4th, so you too can rock with your thighs out by the holy outlandishly preppy summer holiday that is known as Independence

Weekend in Charleston, SC- Part II: SEWE

Continued from Part I The following morning we grabbed some coffee and headed to Brittlebank Park to view the exhibits and attractions from this year’s Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE). Our passes. Very busy with families and pets. We saw a huge crowd gathering to watch the DockDogs competition. Talk about Trad Spottin’….the guy on the left in the middleground has a Beaufort and Duck boots. Just one of many Barbour

Weekend in Charleston, SC – Part I: The College of Charleston

South Carolina’s State Flag: A Crescent Moon and Palmetto Tree The Lady and I took a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina to visit her old college town and to attend the annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) for Valentine’s Weekend this past February. We had an amazing time, and since the Lady considers Charleston as her second home, she was able to show me her favorite haunts and local secrets.

“Stop Trying So Hard”

The following is a burriful rage by an elder Fraternity Brother and Senior. I can add more to the topic later, but this deserves it’s own post and sums up everything I agree with. Main takeaway: The key to keeping college debauchery classy is to not look like a damn poster child for Douchebags Anonymous. Keep your clothing tasteful and let your personality do the frattin’. That means no neon

J.Press York Street

It’s arrived. Another newcomer to the forward fashion group think of runway preppy youth. Debuting the Ovadia designed collection at the Manhattan Yale Club (as such, Mr. Press is synonymous with the university), York Street opened it’s doors with a new home front on Bleeker Street this past February. You already know my sentiments in a diatribe about the topic, so I’ll just summarize the main points: too tight, too

Trad Mannerisms: The Politician’s Roll

“Politicians are always taking off their jackets and rolling up their sleeves and pretending to help build a house somewhere. It’s that getting-things-done look.” – Glenn O’Brien Back in 11th grade I took AP Psychology based on the recommendation of my upperclassmen friends. Not to simply take it for college credit or to learn about Maslow’s Hierarchy, but to laugh and engage with the great Mr. Norman. This magnetizing 6’2″


Ok, so you’ve started tucking your shirt. Then maybe you have went from flip flops to Sperrys, and then from boat shoes at your first fraternity formal in your frosh year to hard soled captoes your senior year. A few Golden Fleece polos to replace those crappy American Eagles you used to wear in high school? Check. Knowing what “O-C-B-D” stands for? Yup. Having more of those “O-C-B-D”s in your