Ok, so you’ve started tucking your shirt. Then maybe you have went from flip flops to Sperrys, and then

My Winter Wardobe

School formal. Normally I advocate a suit, if not a tux, but since people have treated the event as semi-formal

Merry Tradmas!

Keeping with tradition, my relatives make the pilgrimage to my nearby aunt’s house, who is always welcoming of us every

RL Rugby Closing

  My last article featured my opinion on Brooks Brother’s Flatiron concept, which is entering the contest just as it

Brooks Brothers Flatiron

Last Fall, our favorite pair of Brothers launched a concept brand that directly targets the youngest, newest generation of tradsters

Themed Parties

My graduate program holds an annual Back To School Bash to help get our partying out of our systems before

An Olympic Pony

Ralph Lauren designed the Olympic opening ceremony apparel kits for our American athletes in London 2012. Mr. Lauren, who’s name

J. Press

Topping the trad mountain range are twin peaks that dominate the landscape: Brooks Brothers and J. Press. While the former

Summer Escape

I made a remark about my recent visit to the quaint mountain town of Lexington, VA in the Washington and

Washington & Lee University

Washington and Lee University is a private liberal arts university situated in the Appalachian town of Lexington, Virginia. Established as

Early Summer Mens Fashion

Ahh summer. Bring on the mosquitoes, the afternoon storms, the crowded beaches, the beating humidity, and the short skirts! Time


You guys know I’m all for short shorts. If you have the busting quads then get a pair of Chubbies.

Canyon of Heroes

I’m not necessarily a Giants fan but I do like Eli Manning and his seemingly underrated career. And he’s one

Elon University

Elon University is a small selective, private liberal arts institution in Elon, North Carolina. 600 acres of manicured gardens, brick


The fogey gentlemen across the pond gave us Yankees a lot to be thankful for in our style. Anything trad