Winter, 2012

School formal. Normally I advocate a suit, if not a tux, but since people have treated the event as semi-formal in years past, I decided to ease it up this time around. The bowtie is reversible with a dark blue dotted side, more festive than a satin black tie while keeping to the elegant affair. The theme this year happen to be “Fire and Ice” so the red underscore played

Merry Tradmas! ’12

Keeping with tradition, my relatives make the pilgrimage to my nearby aunt’s house, who is always welcoming of us every year, and whose house happens to be large enough to fit everyone. We spend Christmas Eve attending the afternoon service, eating a hefty warm meal, opening presents, sipping on hot cocoa (or something more spirited for the grown ups), and enjoying each other’s company well into the early Christmas morning.

Autumn – Early Winter, 2012

Holidays, hot chocolate, and warm blankets. The best time of the year! To reference a common theme of this blog- that clothes do not have to be expensive (See: Rule #10)- I’ve added notes to specific prized hunts that I’ve scored over the past year. J. Press OCBD with Flap Pocket, Trim fit, made in USA, $55 with 30% plus add. 20% sale online (originally $100) Bills Khakis Original Twill,

RL Rugby Closing

My last article featured my opinion on Brooks Brother’s Flatiron concept, which is entering the contest just as it appears the main competitor is throwing in the towel. Ralph Lauren’s Rugby, the manifestation of high-end collegiate inspired, fashion “forward” neo-preppism, will be closing so that Ralphy can focus on “more scalable global opportunities with the core Ralph Lauren brand”. So basically, Rugby was seen as a failure. This was foreshadowed

Brooks Brothers Flatiron

Last Fall, our favorite pair of Brothers launched a concept brand that directly targets the youngest, newest generation of tradsters and prepsters, the very same consumers as you and me. Flatiron (perhaps named for the iconic Flatiron building in NYC, which itself alludes to a clothes iron, for a time gone by before treated non-iron fabrics) directly competes with Ralph Lauren’s Rugby brand, launched a few years prior in 2004,

Themed Parties

My graduate program holds an annual Back To School Bash to help get our partying out of our systems before the real “fun” begins of stressful nights and just-barely passed exams. This year the theme was nautical influenced, so I pulled out my inner Yachting Captain’s personality and went full out, sailing the 7 drunken seas and coasting along the Isles of Memory Lapse. Don’t be that lame guy who

An Olympic Pony

Ralph Lauren designed the Olympic opening ceremony apparel kits for our American athletes in London 2012. Mr. Lauren, who’s name is already synonymous with Wimbledon and Polo (the sport), was the perfect choice for outfitting the ol’ red, white, and blue, creatively combining his influences of sport and classic American fashion. I am a biased of course. This is a trad blog with sympathy towards tradly style. And as it

J. Press

Topping the trad mountain range are twin peaks that dominate the landscape: Brooks Brothers and J. Press. While the former is the Big Daddy of trad and prep consensus, J. Press is the backbone of the Ivy League Look. What’s the difference between the two styles you ask? Allow my imagination to vomit some imagery: Trad Brooks Brothers. Harvard Boy. WASP. 1962. Don Draper. Ask Andy Forums. OCBD, Chinos, Bluchers.

Summer Escape

I made a remark about my recent visit to the quaint mountain town of Lexington, VA in the Washington and Lee University post. My older brother was in town visiting for a few weeks in June, and my family wanted to take a weekend getaway and escape the southern humidity and the crowded coasts, opting for the cooler Appalachian trail. Situated just across the polished pastures of the university grounds

To Keep the Good Times Rollin’…

To celebrate my second anniversary of turning 21 and of legal tender, I followed traditional suit and bought myself cotton. Whereas this wasn’t for my actual wedding anniversary, I purchased a cotton needlepoint flask from Smathers & Branson. The “Fancy Monogrammed” 6oz Flask is adorned with your last name’s initial in bold print placed in between your first and middle initials. A must-have for the alcoholic binge drinking fratdaddy; or

Washington & Lee University

Washington and Lee University is a private liberal arts university situated in the Appalachian town of Lexington, Virginia. Established as Augusta Academy in 1749, George Washington gave an endowment in 1796, and subsequently the academy was renamed after our first president. Legendary military leader and Confederate General Robert E. Lee was president of the school after the Civil War up until his death, after which Washington & Lee University was

Early Summer, 2012

Ahh summer. Bring on the mosquitoes, the afternoon storms, the crowded beaches, the beating humidity, and the short skirts! Time to rock the pastels and hairy legs. Casual attire Brooks Brothers Slim fit gingham sport shirt Lands End navy surcingle belt Duck Head shorts, hemmed to 7″ inseam Allen Edmonds Westchester loafers, made in USA Ray Ban aviators Seiko 5 watch Vacation in Charlotte, NC to visit some family. Walking


You guys know I’m all for short shorts. If you have the busting quads then get a pair of Chubbies. They’re about to become really popular and some of their styles have already been placed on backorder since their recent launch. 5″ inseams are nothing new but it’s their designs and the fratty-approved GTH impression that makes these “wear with anything, do anything” shorts appealing. More so for walking down

Brooks Brothers Costumes for The Great Gatsby

With the recent trailer launch of the upcoming motion picture The Great Gatsby, you may have noticed the exquisite period costumes adorned on Toby and Leo. As it turns out, our favorite trad brand Brooks Brothers collaborated with award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin with over 500 articles of clothing for the big budgeted film. What better clothing outfitter to trust to re-create authentic 1920s outfits, as Brooks Brothers is one

Trad Mannerisms: The Nature of Formality

I attended a few semi-to-formal events this past semester (which was my toughest yet, sorry for the hiatus.) Knowing what to wear and how to dress for such occasions is a cornerstone for the young collegiate trad. Gone are the days where a simple tucked in over sized shirt borrowed from Dad and pleated khakis are sufficient for your aunt’s wedding. Dressing well and paying attention to the details gives

Canyon of Heroes

I’m not necessarily a Giants fan but I do like Eli Manning and his seemingly underrated career. And he’s one of us as a southern prep alum, with his Sigma Nu brothership (legacy from his dad Archie), Isidore Newman and Ole Miss alma maters, and his family’s southeastern conference roots. Not saying he is a model trad man since he usually dresses like any other grown up fratter would with

Elon University

Elon University is a small selective, private liberal arts institution in Elon, North Carolina. 600 acres of manicured gardens, brick sidewalks, and mature oak trees helps put the campus among the most beautiful in the country. Popular for their business, communications, and their new law school, Elon rose from being a relatively unnoticed regional college to earning a very prestigious reputation in academics and collegiate atmosphere, and thus becoming a

Layering for Sweater Weather

Depending on where you live in the lower 48 (or perhaps most of the year in the 49th), chilly weather can mean anything from a t-shirt with a light sweater to a down jacket on top of multiple layers. In the southeast, where the winter climate tends to be schizophrenic and can shift from a comfortable 61 degrees to a freezing 30 degrees in less than a week, it is


The fogey gentlemen across the pond gave us Yankees a lot to be thankful for in our style. Anything trad and its preppy offspring have very strong Anglo-Saxon roots. They gave us desert boots, trench coats, brougues, spread collars, Ralph’s marketing (polo anyone?) and so on. You name it and the English were there first. The imagery of the Country Gentleman is my favorite. Stallions grazing behind decades-aged logged fencing.

Late Fall – Early Winter, 2011

If there’s one good thing about colder weather, it’s being able to use the fullest extent of your wardrobe. Summer is for the minimal; shorts, polo, and boat shoes will get you by. But its the winter season that offers the best opportunity to show off your elegant sartorial knowledge. My family and I took a trip to the Appalachians in the height of the Autumn leaf change to escape