All in the Name

There are many synonyms for our style’s variations, and as I speak to all of them throughout the blog, I’ll offer to you my own nomenclature system to help you decipher between them all. Additionally, words that are italicized in the proceeding article are commonly referenced labels or “memes” that I’ve made up over the years for the blog that you may often see in my writings. I explain their

PSA: 3/12/11

Winter is finally melting away and the Spring rains will be flowing in soon, so I decided to invest in a new rain jacket for the upcoming wet season. I trust Patagonia (-gucci?) for my technical outerwear and found that their Torrentshell Jacket has very favorable reviews. Usually they retail for $120, but knowing me and my cheap habits I searched for a better deal and I was not disappointed.

Alvin – Dennis, Inc.

here used to be a time where prestigious universities had cooperatives (Yale Co-Op, Georgetown Co-Op) where the student body could pick up blazers with their school’s embroidered emblem and engraved buttons. Unfortunately many of those establishments have closed their doors long ago, making way to tailgate sweatshirts at your local Dick’s. But some mom and pop stores are still around, such as Alvin-Dennis, Inc, a traditional clothing store in Lexington,


This past week was sunny in the lower 50s and 60s and everyone on campus was excited with spring time knocking at the door. But with that came the sudden appearance of tees and shorts as if it’ll miraculously warm up to the mid 90s by the afternoon. Guys, let’s not jump the gun! You’re not fooling anyone next time that chilly gust blows between the science building walkthrough, causing

Game Day

While rewatching last week’s Duke/UNC basketball game on ESPN3 the other day, the camera panned the crowd and I caught the guy pictured below. He has a typical fratty outfit, with the douchey go-to-hell attitude exclaimed by wearing the aviators indoors, but I certainly admire his game day attire. A lot of people won’t understand the tradition of dressing up to sporty events. For most, catching a ball game is

Duck Head Chinos

Ubiquitous with southern preps in the 1980s, Duck Head khakis are an icon of a by-gone era. Almost every kid from grade school to college owned at least one pair, and were seen almost exclusively in the Carolinas, Virgina, Georgia, and on SEC campuses and football stadiums. They were preferably worn starched, pleated and cuffed; and were very affordable at $5 or less on sale. Made in the USA quality

January 2011

Church service. Land’s End Canvas Shawl Cardigan L.L. Bean OCBD Brooks Brothers #1 Repp Tie J. Crew Broken In Chinos Clarks Desert Boots School Day. Gap Pea Coat Jos. A Bank Cashmere V Neck Sweater J. Crew Gingham OCBD Ralph Lauren Belt Ralph Lauren Chinos Cole Haan Pinch Penny Loafers School Day. Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover, Made in USA, eBay for $10 (Love this sweater!) Ralph Lauren Peach University

Winter on Campus

Since half the country is covered in snow, I thought it would be appropriate to show some winter gear for when your 9am class somehow didn’t get canceled. Overcoat, Shetland sweater, OCBD, tie Chinos Blazer Field coat, Wellington boots, Burberry scarf, tweed cap Technical jacket and shoes Tweed sportscoat, duck boots Corduroy pants, more ducks, Kelty jacket Mountain Hardware Monkey Man technical fleece, brunette hair (love girls in ducks) And

The Pea Coat

Turns out pea coats are not just loved by those white people on their Macbooks at Starbucks, but are dearly loved and have been adopted universally as the staple cold weather coat. Like all great trad clothes, the pea coat was cut from an utilitarian and military origin, where American and European sailors used the thick double-breasted coat as early as the 1700s. The original was made from pilot cloth

Sewanee: The University of the South

You know that creepy old guy who stalks and takes pictures of sorority girls? Yeah, that’s not me, but I am starting a collection of candid pictures from preppy campuses across the country. First up is Sewanee: The University of the South, a liberal arts college in southeastern Tennessee. This was not a hard decision to make for my first photo essay, as Sewanee is easily one of the finest

Alternative to Boat Shoes

Look around any American college campus nowadays, especially in the east and south, and you will see students walking around in boat shoes. Now whether or not they have ever stepped on a boat is another matter, but on my own campus these shoes are just as popular as sneakers and flip flops. Now I love my Sperry deck shoes ( I have the original deck shoes in classic brown),

My porn stash. Dec. ’10

Christmas Semi-Formal Party BB twill sports coat LL Bean OCBD, trim fit BB Clark corduroy pants Wool Tie, thrift Tie Clip, gift J Crew Belt with Engine Turned Buckle Christmas Night, midnight church mass -Gap Pea Coat -BB Clark corduroy pants -Cole Haan Pinch penny loafers -Gap scarf, made in Italy, gift Same outfit as above, coat removed -BB shawl cardigan -Critter Tie, thrift Same outfit -The pants are royal