Spring Shopping

I’m all about some awesome steals and below are a few that I was lucky enough to grab. These 8

All in the Name

There are many synonyms for our style’s variations, and as I speak to all of them throughout the blog, I’ll

PSA: 3/12/11

Winter is finally melting away and the Spring rains will be flowing in soon, so I decided to invest in

Alvin – Dennis, Inc.

here used to be a time where prestigious universities had cooperatives (Yale Co-Op, Georgetown Co-Op) where the student body could

Game Day

While rewatching last week’s Duke/UNC basketball game on ESPN3 the other day, the camera panned the crowd and I caught

Duck Head Chinos

Ubiquitous with southern preps in the 1980s, Duck Head khakis are an icon of a by-gone era. Almost every kid

Men’s Fashion for January

Church service. Land’s End Canvas Shawl Cardigan L.L. Bean OCBD Brooks Brothers #1 Repp Tie J. Crew Broken In Chinos

Winter on Campus

Since half the country is covered in snow, I thought it would be appropriate to show some winter gear for

The Pea Coat

Turns out pea coats are not just loved by those white people on their Macbooks at Starbucks, but are dearly

Alternative to Boat Shoes

Look around any American college campus nowadays, especially in the east and south, and you will see students walking around

My porn stash. Dec.

Christmas Semi-Formal Party BB twill sports coat LL Bean OCBD, trim fit BB Clark corduroy pants Wool Tie, thrift Tie